What is it
Artevinando is a series of cultural events created by the association “Di Arte in Vino” in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Marche Italy.

What we do

We live and enjoy the artistic and enogastronomic beauties of our region everyday and are now taking pleasure in creating some large-scale events.

Artevinando #conference 2015


We believe that our beautiful, historic region and town are available for everyone to enjoy and to share our friendship.

Preparando ArteVinando (rock version)

Pubblicato da Artevinando su Venerdì 15 maggio 2015

Who had the idea

Our association’s President, Marino, who represents the heart and mind of the group.


«Beautiful things are unforgettable»
Marino Calvigioni, 73 year old

As a lover of the countryside and its products, he discovered the wine world when visiting some of the most important wineries (vineyards) here in the Marche Region. Eventually he finally reached his goal of organising several cultural events in his hometown, Sant’Elpidio a Mare. The essential elements that support the project are the wines of the Marche with the collaboration of artisans and local schools. Over time these cultural events received media attention and through a partnership with local food and wine distributors our visitors were able to receive substantial information and interesting anecdotes. The beautiful and picturesque centre of the city, Sant’Elpidio a Mare, is like a theatre of history.The aims of the Association are to promote this whilst living an amazing adventure promising to reach new goals in the future.


Alessandro Bigioni, Giuseppe Bonfigli, Marino Calvigioni, Mirko Calvigioni, Adriano Ciaffaroni Fiacconi, Noris Cocci, Fabio Conti, Ivano Fagiani, Adriana Faina, Eugenio Gentili, Graziella Levantesi, Lorenzo Macerata, Anna Maria Marozzi, Palmina Pacini, Melania Paponi, Giovanni Piermartiri, Stefano Silenzi, Giorgio Trobbiani, Valter Tulli, Marcello Valeriani